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The Vergecast, live at 6:30PM ET / 11:30PM GMT!

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The Vergecast starts at 6:30PM ET, where Josh, Nilay, and Paul talk about the week in tech news.


You never know when somebody is just gonna start Vergecasting up in your face. There you are, just sitting around, looking at the Vergecast Ustream in your browser window and then precisely at 6:30PM ET / 11:30PM GMT somebody starts Vergecasting! Who would've possibly expected it? Certainly not you, certainly not us. Still, that sort of thing happens all the time in this crazy, mixed up universe of ours. You have to be on your toes.

If you'd like to play along at home, there's not one but two amazing fan-made bingo games: Verge Bingo and The Verge Bingo. We love you people. You crazy, crazy people.

NOTE: We have noticed that our keyboard shortcuts are interacting with Chrome in a way that makes it impossible to type anything with the letter "j" in it... which is pretty annoying. If you're having that problem, you should head directly to the actual UStream page, where you'll be able to participate normally.