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US Cellular plans LTE for 50 percent of existing customers by 2013

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US Cellular has announced plans for the launch of its 4G LTE network in select markets this March. The company plans to be available to over half of their customers by the end of the year.

US Cellular Logo
US Cellular Logo

2012 is shaping up to be the year of LTE, as even US Cellular is getting in on the 4G action. The sixth-place carrier announced a few weeks ago that it would be launching its LTE network this March in a few select markets, now the company has unveiled plans to continue the rollout in the second half of 2012, adding access in more than 3,600 additional cities and towns, and reaching over half of its existing customer base by the end of the year. US Cellular hasn't made any specific speed claims, other than that it will be up to ten times faster than its 3G network and comparable to broadband internet.

While it's nice to see US Cellular keep pace with the rest of the industry in terms of network technology, its definitely lagging behind when it comes to how you can access 4G speeds — the only devices available at launch will be the previously announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S Aviator, and now the Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot has been added to the mix. No word on plans or pricing, but it's safe to assume that undercutting the competition will continue to be how US Cellular differentiates itself. If you're curious to see if budget LTE is coming to your area, hit the source link below.