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Leica M and Nikon G mount adapters for Pentax Q announced

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Rayqual has announced Nikon G and Leica M mount adapters for the Pentax Q for release later this month.

pentax q leica m
pentax q leica m

One of the advantages of mirrorless camera systems is their ability to work with a variety of third-party lenses through the use of mount adapters — while you usually lose autofocus ability, it's a great way to make use of your legacy glass collection. There have been a whole host of these released for Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX, but the diminutive Pentax Q is getting in on the action this month with Leica M and Nikon G adapters from Rayqual. This follows Pentax's own K mount adapter for the Q that it showed off earlier this month.

Nikon G lenses are a pretty good fit for mirrorless camera adapters in theory — the "G" terminology refers to lenses without an aperture ring, meaning that they won't work properly on manual focus Nikon cameras, but adapters can restore that functionality. Meanwhile, the Leica M mount was introduced with the M3 in the 1950s, is still in use today with the M9, and has some of the highest-quality rangefinder lenses ever produced.

Of course, the main problem with using these lenses on a tiny-sensored camera like the Pentax Q is the extreme crop factor you'll be facing — 5.5x, to be exact. That means your classic Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2 will act as a 275mm telephoto, and it's for this reason that the Rayqual adapters come with a tripod mount attached. At ¥22,050 ($279) for the Leica adapter and ¥29,400 ($372) for the Nikon version, it's difficult to see many people using these on the Q even for the novelty factor.