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Bump 3.0 for iOS simplifies UI, removes music and calendar sharing (hands-on video)

Bump 3.0 for iOS simplifies UI, removes music and calendar sharing (hands-on video)


The developers of Bump, the contact and file sharing app for iOS and Android released Bump 3.0 today. The new release features a major UI overhaul, as well as the removal of the app, calendar, music, and social sharing features.

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bump ios 1020
bump ios 1020

Bump is an extremely popular app for both iOS and Android that allows users to share contact and other information by physically bumping two devices. Today, the developers are releasing the newest version, Bump 3.0, and along with a major UI overhaul, the company's decided to actually limit the functionality relative to the previous release. The company's blog reads, "what we've removed (calendar, music, and app bumping on iOS) actually outnumbers what we've added (mutual friend discovery)."

The first thing you'll notice when you open Bump 3.0 is the new interface. Everything's much cleaner and brighter looking, with a simple three-pane solution for sharing contacts and photos. When you open the app for the first time you're given the opportunity to fill out a contact card, which allows you to keep your Bump contact info separate from your personal Contacts entry, although you can opt to just use your vCard or Facebook contact info instead. From here, swiping left gives you two more panes to choose from — photos and contacts — and that's it. Compared to Bump 2.x's springboard-style design, the new UI definitely makes it easier to share the information you want, without getting bogged down in selection mechanics.

Bump 3.0 also introduces mutual friend discovery — when you initiate a bump, your device will show a list of contacts the two parties have in common. The new feature's either a great way to discover mutual acquaintances, or totally intrusive, depending on who you ask — just know that it's enabled by default, and that you can turn it off in the app's settings. You can also choose whether to automatically add newly received contacts and images to their respective apps (i.e. Contacts and Photos in iOS), or to manually add them within Bump itself.

Overall, we're pleased with the new direction Bump's taking. Its simplified UI and streamlined feature set makes it easier to do what the app is best at, without losing too much of the core functionality. While we weren't big users of the other sharing features anyway, there are plenty of other dedicated services that making sharing music and app recommendations, calendar info, and social network handles easy. Bump 3.0 is a free download from the App Store and Android Market.

Bump 3.0 for iOS hands-on