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Romeo robot caught on video for the first time

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Aldebaran Robotics has posted the first video of Romeo, billed as the first humanoid robot to come out of France.

romeo robot
romeo robot

At 143cm (4ft 8in) tall, Romeo from Aldebaran Robotics is the first "full-scale" humanoid robot to come out of France —think of it as the big brother to the company's Nao series, or an ASIMO competitor with a 13cm height advantage. It's been in development for quite a while, but we haven't seen it on video until now. Although the robot is designed to be a real assistant to elderly people or those with disabilities, the video doesn't do much to demonstrate its mobility or voice control functions. Furthermore, the prototype's construction appears to be unfinished, with Plastic Pals speculating that the body parts have been 3D-printed. Still, it's good to see the project making progress, and you can check out the video below.