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Nokia 305 and Lumia 610 pass certification in Indonesia

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Indonesian authorities have certified two new Nokia handsets, including what appears to be an entry-level Lumia Windows Phone.

Stephen Elop Nokia_1020
Stephen Elop Nokia_1020

Two new Nokia handsets have passed a certification process by Indonesian authorities this week. A Nokia 305 handset (likely part of the low-end Asha range) appears to be on the horizon, alongside a 610 model, ostensibly the rumored Lumia 610 Windows Phone. Details of Nokia's Lumia 610 have leaked to several publications recently, with Pocketnow claiming the handset will be entry-level and TechRadar suggesting it could enter the UK market as a pay-as-you-go only handset running Windows Phone "Tango."

The Indonesian certification reveals very few details about both handsets, but the Lumia 610 is listed with GSM 900 / 1800 support as well as WCDMA 2100. Windows Phone Tango is designed to push hardware requirements down for Microsoft's mobile operating system by supporting just 256MB RAM and 3-megapixel cameras. The update may well power the Lumia 610, and recently leaked screenshots suggest Tango will include the ability to export contacts to SIM, manage domestic / international roaming, and handle multiple attachments in a single MMS message. There's a good chance that we'll learn more about Windows Phone Tango and Nokia's handset plans at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on February 27th.