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HBO Go now available on select Samsung Smart TVs

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Newer Samsung Smart TV models now have access to the on-demand HBO Go app.

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Samsung HBO Go
Samsung HBO Go

HBO has announced that its on-demand Go app has launched for Samsung internet-connected TVs. Already available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Roku streaming devices, the app can now be downloaded on "select" Samsung Smart TVs — according to Samsung, if your TV was made in 2010 or after it should be compatible, but you can check this model guide to be sure. In order to access HBO Go, you'll need to download the app from the Samsung App store on your TV, as well as have a subscription to the network through a participating cable provider, which currently includes the likes of Charter, DirectTV, Cablevision, and, Time Warner Cable — no mention of Comcast. The app is also on its way to the Xbox 360, and while a date hasn't been set, the HBO Go Twitter account recently told a user to "keep an eye out for more information soon."