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Newspaper matching coming to Windows Phone's Bing Vision in March

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Microsoft will update Windows Phones in March to provide access to Bing Image Matching for newspapers.

Bing Vision
Bing Vision

Microsoft's Bing Vision service for Windows Phone will be upgraded to support newspapers in March, the company announced today. Bing Vision, built into the Bing app on Windows Phone, currently supports QR codes, Microsoft tags, barcodes, CDs, DVDs, and books using a phones camera to scan for information. Microsoft will update Bing Vision in March to provide access to digital versions of print magazines or articles. Windows Phone users will be able to take a photo of an article using their Windows Phone camera and link directly to a digital version of the article online. The service, available globally, will provide access to content from over 3,000 publications.

Microsoft also announced the introduction of Bing Vision's barcode scanning in the UK this week. We spotted that the service went live in several European markets in late January, but the company officially introduced the additions today. Powered by Microsoft's Ciao online shopping portal, Bing Vision will now allow users to quickly compare retail and online prices, replacing the need for additional applications like RedLaser.