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Pop band Tanlines debuts 360-degree music video using GoPano lens

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Tanlines video for the song "Brothers" shot in 360-degrees using a GoPano lens.


Today, one particularly awesome use of the GoPano has appeared on the internet, in the form of a video made by the band Tanlines. The video, directed by Weird Days, is a simple, voyeuristic accompaniment to the song "Brothers," the first single from the band's album Mixed Emotions (which comes out on March 20th). Speaking to Pitchfork, bandmember Jesse Cohen says he likes the idea of "using elaborate technology in a mundane way," and we agree that this peek into one man's afternoon television watching is better than seeing them rappel off of a skyscraper.

GoPano is a Kickstarter-backed company which successfully raised funds last year to make a lens for the iPhone 4 which shoots in 360-degrees, giving the resulting video a real time, navigable environment because it records everything going on in the space around you simultaneously. Though 360-degree camera equipment has been available in the past, GoPano has delightfully brought it to a consumer level.

GoPano also has an iPhone app which results in a far better viewing experience than in a browser (you can zoom in and out for instance, and it utilizes the iPhone 4 / 4S' gyroscope for panning), so we suggest you watch it that way if you can. If you must view the video in a browser, take it fullscreen for the best experience. Either way, the fact that the video is interactive and manipulatable results in the desire to watch it more than once. Tanlines are also pretty funny on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing.

Disclosure: Tanlines member Eric Emm is Josh's brother, and we really like their music