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Microsoft unveils new Metro style logo for Windows 8

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Microsoft has redesigned the Windows flag logo for Windows 8, replacing it with a Metro look and feel.

Windows 8 logo
Windows 8 logo

Microsoft officially confirmed the new branding for its Windows 8 operating system today. The new Windows logo, a play on the company's internal Metro design, will be used across the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. We saw images of the logo leak earlier this week, but the company unveiled it officially today stating that the logo is a Window rather than the traditional flag found in earlier versions of Windows. "We wanted the new logo to be both modern and classic," says Microsoft's Sam Moreau.

The logo uses flat colors and clean lines and shapes to convey the message of Metro and will change color based on the core theme color used in Windows 8. "When you change your color, the logo changes to reflect you," explained Moreau. Microsoft will use the logo in the new charms bar for Windows 8, adopting the chosen theme accent color. We are expecting to see the new logo in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, due on February 29th.