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I feel like Microsoft just missed a huge opportunity


By now you've probably seen the new Windows 8 branding. If you haven't, here's our post on it.

But earlier in 2011, there was some logo floating around (which I cannot find now for some reason) that I think might have been the greatest bit of branding Microsoft could have had for the new OS. Particularly when it comes to this new division between Windows 8, and Windows 8 for ARM.

This is the basic idea (my mockup):


Now, here was an amazing chance for Microsoft. Can you imagine the branding for Windows 8 (AKA Infinity)? The possibilities are infinite. Kind of. Fujitsu did something like this recently, and I feel like it's incredibly strong.

I also think this could have provided a solution to the Windows on ARM branding, which is... nonexistent. What if that version were simply called "Infinity" and identified by the loop? The familial link with Windows 8 would be obvious, but it could be treated as a product unto itself. It's also a great way to represent what is clearly the future for the company — hybrid devices running on lower-power CPUs.

Am I crazy? I feel like the new Windows logo is just a huge, boring blur, when it could have been a new frontier for Microsoft to explore.

Update: With the brand mark...