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Nikon D4 scheduled for March 15th release in France, to debut mid-March in US

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Nikon's D4 was originally slated to launch in February, but now the company has confirmed to us that it will be launching mid-March, alongside the D800.

Nikon D800 and D4
Nikon D800 and D4

Earlier today, as part of a Q&A on Nikon France's Facebook page, the company said the D4 would be launching on March 15th, with the D800 launching a week later on March 22nd and the D800E coming on April 12th. Naturally, we wondered if those dates were for France only or if the US could expect to see Nikon's latest around the same time — Nikon let us know that the D4 will indeed be launching in the US in "mid-March," rather than in February as we heard initially. Nikon also confirmed that the D800 will follow in "late March," and the D800E in "mid-April" — this timeframe matches up with what we heard for the D800 when the camera was announced last week. While we can't say for certain that these new DSLRs will be launching in the US on the same date as they are in France, it wouldn't surprise us at all to see them hit stores within the same week. Mark your calendars — the D4 is only a month away.