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Sculptor Sean Avery turns technological refuse into works of art

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Artist Sean Avery turns smashed CDs, abandoned motherboards, and burned-out computer chips into delightful animal sculptures.

Rat by Sean Avery DeviantArt 640
Rat by Sean Avery DeviantArt 640

From old compact discs to used motherboards, we're increasingly surrounded by the detritus of our gear and gadget obsessions. Artist Sean Avery sees these materials as an opportunity to make something beautiful. Avery has assembled a breathtaking series of animal sculptures, available for viewing on DeviantArt, that convey a sense of whimsy and fun, sometimes in direct opposition to their source materials. From detailed birds assembled from carefully-broken CDs, to a robotic squid built with transistors and wire, it's a collection that will bring a smile to anyone's face — technology fan or not.