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Proview's iPAD computer revealed: less tablet, more iMac

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Proview revealed some details about its iPAD computer at a press event on Friday. The computer, which is the basis of a trademark claim against Apple's similarly-named tablet, was introduced in 1998 and looks quite a bit like Apple's iMac.

Proview iPAD leaflet
Proview iPAD leaflet

While we're still waiting to hear more on how Proview's claims against Apple will pan out, the company has revealed some details about its own iPAD. The name stands for "Internet Personal Access Device," and as you can see above, it isn't a tablet of any sort — instead, it looks quite a bit like Apple's own original iMac. According to Chinese site Sina, Proview said at a press conference on Friday that it spent $30 million on the computer, starting with research and development in 1998 that led to a release in 2000. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company made between 10,000 and 20,000 of the computers until 2009.

The iPAD was part of an entire iFamily of devices — a flyer given to reporters at the press conference shows that products called iDVD, iClient, iPDA, iNote, and more were part of the line. As for the iPAD itself, it ran either a Linux or Citrix OS and it had a 15-inch CRT display with a 800 x 600 resolution. It was all powered by a 256MHz processor and 32MB of RAM. We've added the controversial computer to our product database, so feel free to check out all of the iPAD's specs there.