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Windows Phone Tango reportedly coming to China in March

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Microsoft has been committed to launching Windows Phone 7 in mainland China, but now it seems Tango will play a big role in launching WP7 in that part of the world.

wp7 tango china
wp7 tango china

We've seen plenty of signs that Windows Phone 7 would be heading to mainland China soon, including Microsoft announcing the Chinese Marketplace and images of a Lumia 800 on China Telecom's CDMA network. Now it seems the next version of WP7, Tango, will play a big part in the Chinese launch. According to WPDang, Microsoft China will launch Tango sometime in March, following Mobile World Congress, with devices from Nokia, HTC, LG, and ZTE. WPDang also noted that it expects the Chinese version of Tango to replace many of the built-in services — such as Twitter, Facebook, and the MSN news portal — with region-specific social and news apps. A small price to pay to finally get to enjoy how great Chinese characters look in Metro.