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Stream alert: Humble Bundle Mojam's 60 hour code fest is live and action-packed

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The Humble Bundle Mojam's 60 game sprint is being streamed live.

notch game
notch game

It's the weekend, and that means it's time to watch endless hours of In addition to the usual StarCraft / League of Legends streams that we love to binge on, the Humble Bundle Mojam is offering a nice jumbo-sized amount of video to soak up with our bloodshot eyeballs. With three concurrent streams filled with code, game testing, and Swedish Nerf gun fights, it's worth the price of admission (free, though feel free to donate and lock in a copy of each game that's being developed during this 60 hour sprint). If you missed anything, you can always scroll back through the archives — there's already a good 24+ hours of recorded game development. Or, if you'd like to see a project with a guaranteed happy ending, check out Notch's 48 hour stream of himself building Minicraft for Ludum Dare from a couple months back.