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HTC Sensation launching in white in Benelux on March 1st

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HTC will be launching an Android 4.0-equipped Sensation in white on March 1st.

HTC Sensation (white)
HTC Sensation (white)

HTC has announced that it'll be launching the venerable Sensation in "ice white" on March 1st. That in itself isn't particularly interesting — the Sensation XL is already available in white — but more importantly, the new variant will come with Android 4.0 installed. This could end up being the first HTC device anywhere to launch with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, likely featuring the refined Sense 4.0 that we've seen in leaks over the past few weeks. Existing Sensation owners aren't out of luck: the press release also indicates that other models of the phone will be getting their Android 4.0 update "soon."

Update: HTC just wrote us to say that its original press release was incorrect — it'll actually ship with Android 2.3 and be upgradeable to 4.0 down the road, just as its other Sensation versions will be. In other words, don't expect an ICS-equipped Sensation on March 1st... but you can expect a white one with Gingerbread. Furthermore, the white Sensation is already available in select markets, so the PR is simply announcing its upcoming availability in Benelux. Now, the question becomes: how much longer is the wait for the upgrade?