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Avid Studio video editor comes to iPad

Avid Studio video editor comes to iPad


Avid, which makes high-end video editing software, has launched an iPad app version of its "pro-sumer" Avid Studio software.

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Avid Studio, the high-end consumer version of Avid's influential video editing software, has made the leap to the iPad today. Avid Studio for iPad includes many of the features of its desktop counterpart, along with interface tweaks like pinching to zoom on a frame. While the company says it hasn't lost much functionality in the iPad app, it intends the app as a complement to its desktop software, letting users import projects made on the iPad onto the desktop — although not, unfortunately, the other way around.

Avid says its app is a response to a "shift in how creation is happening" that has people using tablets to make things rather than just consume. For now, it's iPad-only, although other platforms may be supported in the future. There are plenty of other video editing apps on the market, but Avid may benefit from its integration with the desktop software, along with what may be a more robust set of features. Screenshots of the app, for example, show what appear to be three audio channels, more than most comparable apps. Avid Studio is launching at $4.99, the same price as Apple's iMovie, but will rise to $7.99 next month.