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Peek offers remaining hardware to hackers: 'maybe somebody can build something great'

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Peek CEO Amol Sarva is offering his remaining stock of Peek devices to anyone who wants to try to "build something great."


Just because the Peek service has been killed off doesn't mean the devices themselves need to be crushed and swept off into a landfill somewhere. CEO Amol Sarva just dropped us a note to say that he's got "a few thousand" Peeks still lying around the warehouse that are just waiting for a hacker's touch: "maybe somebody can build something great," he says. The notion of a pre-built and tested portrait QWERTY device with a jog dial, QVGA display, ARMv7 processor, and a GSM radio is, in many ways, a hacker's dream — and Sarva says he can even throw in "some tools" to help them get started. The "operating system sucks but is workable," he says. Sounds like a challenge to us.

Interested folks should contact Amol himself via email — amol at — and he says that one of the company's developers will be in touch.