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Super Bowl XLVI releases free official app for iOS and Android

Super Bowl XLVI releases free official app for iOS and Android


An official iOS and Android app has been released for Super Bowl XLVI. But is it any better than the apps whose functionality it incorporates?

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If you're going to the Super Bowl, you've probably already spent plenty of money. Fortunately, the NFL isn't asking anything for its official Super Bowl XLVI app, released yesterday. While it's out on both iOS and Android, Android users have reported some problems installing — we actually had trouble getting it on an HTC Evo 3D. On the iPhone, it seems to work well, running pretty smoothly for what is essentially a large 3D map of Lucas Oil Stadium and the surrounding areas. The idea is to roll most of the things you'd want to do on a smartphone — location marking on Maps, restaurant reviews on Yelp, game day chatter on Twitter — into a single interface. In some cases, this is fairly effective. There are dedicated buttons that whisk you back to the virtual stadium, your seating row, or the place you've marked as your parking spot, and a "Huddle" feature that aggregates Twitter trending topics into some decent infographics.

Some features that seem all but guaranteed, however, are oddly missing. There's a "Drive" button that overlays the map with parking and road closure information, but no built-in navigation, meaning that you'll be literally pinching and zooming around buildings to figure out a route. Restaurants or shops are marked on the map with an icon, but you can't tap one to get so much as the name of the place. And besides the (very helpful) parking location marker, there's no way to bookmark locations or events, so you can't make up, for example, a list of restaurants that you'd like to visit, or even highlight a Super Bowl performance you don't want to miss. You might use the app to do something like find your seat, but for anything else in Indianapolis, you're better off downloading the apps this one is trying to replace.