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MetroPCS brings back $40 'unlimited' plan, now available for all its LTE handsets

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MetroPCS is once again offering a $40 unlimited plan, this time extending availability to all of its LTE-enabled smartphones.

MetroPCS $40 unlimited plan
MetroPCS $40 unlimited plan

Not too long ago, MetroPCS brought an end to its $40 unlimited plan that had been exclusively tied to the Samsung Craft. Owners of the Craft — which isn't a smartphone — could talk, text, and browse the web endlessly, though they also faced a 100MB limit when it came to multimedia streaming. Now the carrier has revived the deal, and in the process expanded availability to any of its existing LTE smartphones, which include the Samsung Galaxy Attain, Galaxy Indulge, and LG Esteem. That may be no match for the selection offered by larger competitors like Verizon, but at least they're each a marked improvement over the Craft. Keep in mind that it's much easier to hit that 100MB ceiling using a full-fledged Android device, so if your streaming habits demand more bandwidth, you can also opt for the existing $50 or $60 data plan alternatives.