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Fujifilm X-Pro1 body priced at $1,699.95, available end of February

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Fujifilm has confirmed that its X-Pro1 mirrorless camera will sell for $1699.95 in body-only form, and is due out at the end of February.

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Fujifilm told us at CES to expect a price of around $1,700 for its X-Pro1 mirrorless camera, and it wasn't bluffing. It's just announced that the camera will officially sell for $1,699.95 when it becomes available in stores this month. That's the body-only price, mind you, and you're going to need a lens or three — the 18mm f/2 or 35mm f/1.4 lens will set you back $599.95, and the 60mm f/2 macro is set at $649.95. Fujifilm didn't narrow down a release date beyond "the end of February," but you can already pre-order on Amazon. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the free Parker pen will make its way outside Japan.