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Nintendo 3DS reaches 5 million units in Japanese market, becomes fastest-selling console ever in Japan

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Nintendo has announced that its 3DS has sold over 5 million units in under a year since its Japanese launch, becoming the fastest console ever to do so.

nintendo 3ds sales japan
nintendo 3ds sales japan

Just under one year after going on sale in Japan, Nintendo's 3DS has reached the milestone of 5 million units sold in its homeland. That's a month or two faster than its predecessor, the DS, which you may recall went on to be the best-selling video game console of all time. The 3DS is the fastest system ever to hit the 5 million mark in Japan, and looking at the chart above it's pretty easy to see why. While it got off to a very slow start, with a high price of 25,000 yen ($250 in the US) and an uninspiring software lineup, the dramatic price drop to 15,000 yen ($169.99 in the US) in late summer and release of banner titles such as Super Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter 3 (-tri) G and Mario Kart 7 have turned the system's fortunes around. It's something of a pyrrhic victory, though — the costs incurred by such a heavy price cut have caused the company to forecast the first annual operating loss in its history.