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SkyDrive to support Windows 8 BitLocker, ODF docs, and 300MB file limit?

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Microsoft may be planning to improve support for OpenDocuments in SkyDrive, and increase the individual file size limit to 300MB.

Windows Live SkyDrive logo
Windows Live SkyDrive logo

We saw screenshots of a future SkyDrive version leak over the weekend that offered a look at some new features, but it appears there is even more to Microsoft's SkyDrive plans. LiveSide is reporting that the Wave 5 Milestone 3 release of SkyDrive will introduce support for BitLocker recovery keys storage alongside OpenDocument format support. The site speculates this could mean that Windows 8 will natively store decryption keys for its BitLocker hard drive encryption feature in the SkyDrive cloud.

Microsoft also appears to be testing out a URL shortener for use when sharing direct to Twitter and other social networks. However, the biggest improvement in the company's plans is the revelation that SkyDrive may move to a 300MB individual file size limit. The software maker previously increased this limit to 100MB back in June last year, but LiveSide claims the upcoming update will match Dropbox's limit at 300MB. There are no details on the timing of this update, but with SkyDrive Windows 8 features planned and the February 29th Consumer Preview release nearing — we would expect to see some of the features debut over the coming months.