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Vodafone and designer Richard Nicoll introduce smartphone-charging handbag

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Vodafone and fashion designer Richard Nicoll have designed a handbag that can be charged inductively and then charge smartphones that are plugged into an interior compartment.

Richard Nicoll Handbag
Richard Nicoll Handbag

At CES this year, we saw some inductive charging technology that allowed for a smartphone to be charged while still in a hangbag, but Vodafone and fashion designer Richard Nicoll have designed a bag that does the charging all on its own. This handbag, which was unveiled at London Fashion Week, can be charged via a magnetic induction cable; once it's charged up, you can plug in an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device to reportedly get "several days" worth of power. There's a discreet internal pocket for holding your device while charging, but unfortunately you have to plug it in — there's no inductive charging capability inside the bag itself. There's also a Bluetooth-activated LED "charm" that lights up when you receive a call or message, just as the optional charge that comes with the HTC Rhyme does. Overall, it's a pretty handy tool for those who love both high fashion and technology. We're hoping this tech trickles down into less exclusive bags sooner than later — a laptop case that could charge your computer on the go would be a huge boon to those on-the-go.