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Android apps on PlayBook can use advertising services, but not RIM's own

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Developers who port Android apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook will still be able to earn revenue from third-party ads.


RIM has announced that Android apps ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook will support ads. Though initially reported to not be the case, RIM has since confirmed that all repackaged Android apps will support third-party ad networks on the tablet— though at launch there won't be support for RIM's own BlackBerry ad services. When version 2.0 of the PlayBook OS launches — which could be as soon as tomorrow — it will introduce support for Android apps through the Android App Player. RIM has been making a push to lure developers to BlackBerry App World — most recently with the promise of free PlayBooks — and this news from RIM means that developers of free apps will still be able to earn revenue through advertising.