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Retro City Rampage headed for PS3, PS Vita, PC, XBLA, and WiiWare in May

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Retro City Rampage has added the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita to the list of gaming hardware it will be available on when released in May.

Retro City Rampage
Retro City Rampage

Brian Provinciano took to the PlayStation Blog today to share news that his over-the-top mashup of classic gaming, Retro City Rampage, is now scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita alongside previously-announced iterations for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and WiiWare. For those unfamiliar, the game features a cartoonish visual style with an overhead view reminiscent of the earliest Grand Theft Auto titles. While RCR employs the same carjacking and other means of creating chaos found in those games, Provinciano and his team have also mixed in countless nods to other games of yesteryear. You'll be collecting gold coins from fallen enemies a la Super Mario and engaging in hand-to-hand combat not unlike Double Dragon, for instance.

All told, players can expect a story mode comprised of over 50 missions offering various styles of play such as platforming, adventure, stealth, and even rhythm. We even spotted a level that looks like a direct transplant from Smash TV in the video at Ubergizmo linked below. For those who prefer a less story-driven rampage, the included Arcade Mode promises more than 30 challenges featuring 25+ weapons and power-ups to help you along the way.

Provinciano also used the opportunity to share his positive experiences developing for the PS Vita, calling Sony's tools the best he's used to date and teasing that the Vita's display takes Retro City Rampage's art style "to the next level". Though such praise is perhaps to be expected on Sony's official blog, it's good to know that gamers will have more options when the game sees release in May.