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PSA: Fake 'Pokemon Yellow' app riding high in the App Store charts (update: app pulled)

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A fake iPhone app claiming to be a version of Pokemon Yellow is currently number 2 in the App Store charts.

pokemon yellow ios
pokemon yellow ios

With the 3DS's fortunes turned around, the prospect of Nintendo dropping hardware for smartphone app development seems even less likely than it ever did. That's why most will likely be surprised to take a look at the iTunes App Store charts right now, with a Pikachu-adorned Pokemon Yellow app sitting pretty at number 2 as of this writing. The app description really does try to pass the game off as an iPhone version of the monster-collecting RPG, with "press quotes" claiming the game is "just like the original," albeit with "full high-resolution Retina Display graphics." The app doesn't work at all, though, crashing on start for seemingly everyone, and unsurprisingly the reviews are full of disappointed customers who want their 99 cents back. The real question is how on earth this managed to get past Apple's supposedly stringent manual review process.

Update: the offending app has been removed from the App Store.