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iPhone 4S to be available on China Telecom on March 9th

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China Telecom, the company's third-largest mobile provider, will be carrying Apple's iPhone 4S beginning March 9. The deal makes China Telecom the second carrier to sell the device in the country.

china telecom 1020
china telecom 1020

After teasing its customers with iPhone 4S ads with no release date, China Telecom announced it's going to carry Apple's iPhone 4S starting March 9, with online reservations beginning March 2. The move comes roughly two months after its competitor China Unicom began selling the device in January. China Unicom is the second largest mobile provider in China and up till now exclusive carrier of iPhones in the country. Unlike its larger competitor, China Telecom uses CDMA, meaning that the 4S is the first device that can be sold as is on both networks, without requiring separate GSM and CDMA models. Apple's focus on the Chinese market is a major part of its strategy, and CEO Tim Cook repeatedly emphasized its importance at the Goldman Sachs technology conference last week. China Telecom will be doing its fair share to increase Apple's sales numbers: the carrier will be offering the 16GB iPhone 4S free with a two-year contract.