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Future version of Google Chrome may suggest more secure passwords for you

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Future versions of Google Chrome might suggest complex passwords for users, making them more secure. The system could potentially change passwords automatically if a security breach is detected.

Google chrome password
Google chrome password

Google is considering adding password generation to future versions of Chrome, which could increase the use of more secure passwords. The system, as outlined on the Chromium Projects' developer documentation, would auto-detect sign-up forms on web pages and suggest unique and complex passwords that are much more secure than what users generally come up with. Since Chrome can already remember passwords, this would keep password generation and management entirely in the browser, eliminating the overuse of the same password across multiple services. If this sounds familiar, it's because 1Password and LastPass already offer the same service.

Chrome developers also noted that this closed-loop password generation also offers other possibilities, such as the ability to automatically change a user's passwords if a security breach is detected, but this feature is still theoretical. Regardless, strong passwords are important to keeping yourself secure online, and if Google introduces a way to make managing them easier, we're all for it.