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Microsoft reveals Windows Live web video chat existence

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Microsoft has revealed a Windows Live web video calling service, currently undergoing internal testing.

Windows Live video calling
Windows Live video calling

Windows Live video chat icons leaked out in August last year, hinting at a web video calling service for Microsoft's range of Windows Live services. The software giant appears to have confirmed its existence in a recent Building Windows 8 blog post. LiveSide spotted a video icon in the top right of Microsoft's internal "dogfood" version of SkyDrive that matches the previous icon leaks and demonstrates a green video status icon. The icon is also identical to one found in early versions of Windows 8 demonstrated by Microsoft.

It's not clear exactly how Microsoft plans to utilize video web calling, but LiveSide speculates that Windows users will be offered to install an additional application or plug-in to enable the functionality. Facebook and Google both offer similar services that utilize a plugin to share web video. Microsoft's plans could be limited to just its Windows Live services and Hotmail, but the software maker has a close relationship with Facebook and acquired Skype last year, the technology behind Facebook's own video calling service. Each company also offers a way to bridge video calls between their services, allowing Facebook users to video chat with Skype friends. Microsoft has previously promised Skype integration in Xbox, Windows Phone, and Office. Could this be the first signs of Microsoft's Skype plans?