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Huawei 10-inch tablet photos leak, reveal thin metal exterior

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Photos of a rumored Huawei 10-inch Android tablet leak, revealing a thin metal case exterior.

Huawei 10 inch tablet
Huawei 10 inch tablet

Huawei demonstrated its super-thin Ascend P1 S smartphone at CES and it looks like the Chinese company has a thin 10-inch Android tablet in the works too. Russian site has managed to snag a bunch of shots that show off the metal exterior of Huawei's rumored tablet. The site claims the 10-inch device is lightweight, runs Android 4.0 and may come equipped with 3G support and a microSD slot. A rear 8-megapixel camera with flash is also included despite the apparent slim body, and there appears to be a dock connector at the base of the tablet.


It has been almost a year since the company introduced its 7-inch MediaPad 4G tablet, so it's due a refresh. There is no word on pricing but claims Huawei will unveil its 10-inch tablet at Mobile World Congress on February 26th. We will be stalking the sunny streets of Barcelona next week so drop back for our initial impressions on this and lots more.

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