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Microsoft Office for iPad spotted in the wild, coming soon?

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Microsoft's Office for iPad software appears to have leaked into the wild and will reportedly be submitted to Apple's App Store shortly.

Office for iPad
Office for iPad

Microsoft's rumored Office for iPad application appears to have leaked into the wild this week. The Daily revealed an exclusive picture of what it claims is Microsoft Office running on Apple's iPad tablet today. We are unable to immediately verify the photo, but the interface includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint icons as well as the ability to create new documents. There is also a settings, Messenger and search section, similar to icons found on Microsoft's MSN and Bing iPad applications.

We understand that Microsoft's Mac Business Unit has been working on Office for iPad and The Daily claims it could be released in a number of weeks following a submission to Apple's App Store. The design of the application appears to match Microsoft's Metro style, used on Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft's existing OneNote iOS app will reportedly be updated to a Metro design as well, but there is no sign of an Office for Android version. Microsoft is planning its own Office for Windows 8, that may appear later than Office for iPad. Currently in the pre-beta stages, Office 15 will run as a desktop app across Windows 8 and includes interface and touch improvements.