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Sony Xperia S promo reveals new Android skin features

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A promo video for the Xperia S smartphone has revealed a number of new features for Sony's Android skin.

Xperia S 3d carousel
Xperia S 3d carousel

Sony demoed the Asian variant of its Xperia S at an event last week, and a promotional video of the smartphone's new UI has leaked onto YouTube. We brought you a hands-on with the device back at CES, and while the basic interface has remained the same, there are a host of new features that were not on display at the show. The video shows the device running Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread and reveals some heavily skinned core apps including the dialer, media player, camera, and social streams. The demo finishes with a long press on the home key causing all the panes to burst into a 3D carousel, much like SPB's popular 3D Android launcher. A number of videos appeared on YouTube immediately after the event, showing the UI in motion along with the music player, boot times, and camera speed, and you can find the links to all of them in the source below. Can we expect to find these tweaks on all of Sony's Mobile World Congress announcements come next week?