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Netflix signs deal with The Weinstein Company, gets 'The Artist' exclusive

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Netflix has signed a new deal with The Weinstein Company that will see a number of foreign language and documentary films hit the streaming video service.

Netflix Remote
Netflix Remote

Netflix and film studio The Weinstein Company have signed a deal that will see a number of speciality films hit the streaming service within one year of their theatrical release. The multi-year deal will apply to US-based Netflix subscribers, and will include primarily foreign language films and documentaries, several of which have already been announced — including French World War II drama Sarah's Key and the Madonna-directed W.E. The deal is the first between the two companies, and follows news that Netflix recently saw a 14 percent drop in profits.

As part of the deal The Artist and Undefeated will make their pay-TV debut on Netflix as opposed to being released on premium cable — a fairly big deal, as The Artist received 10 Oscar nominations and Undefeated was nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Look for both films on the service soon.