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Vox Games enters alpha at The Verge!

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Vox Games is now officially up and running

Vox Games
Vox Games

As I told you back at the beginning of January, gaming coverage was coming to our network in a very real (and frankly sexy) manner via the recently-formed supergroup of Vox Games. Today marks the first official foray into that coverage, as the Games crew takes over The Verge's gaming hub and makes it their own while they build their real site (coming later this year).

Right off the bat, I think it's pretty clear that the Vox Games crew will be producing the kind of intelligent content that you can't find just anywhere on the internet. Today they'll be publishing three original features, a column, as well as a smattering of reviews (like this, this, and this). The features are especially notable, covering stuff like an unearthed Call of Duty title that never made it to market, a profile of the weird and wonderful Dan Amrich, and how some states require fingerprinting to sell used games. And that's just today.

The whole Verge family is really looking forward to collaborating with the Vox Games team, as well as watching them just do their thing in their temporary home. I highly encourage you to check out what they're up to, and stay tuned for even more incredible reporting. You will not be disappointed.