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The Verge Mobile Podcast, live at 4:30PM ET / 9.30 GMT!

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The Verge Mobile Podcast is broadcast live at 4.30PM ET every Tuesday.

Mobile Podcast Throwback
Mobile Podcast Throwback

When the Verge Mobile crew isn't busy bleeding radiators, debating the best Ferrari in recent memory, or doing other manly things, its time is spent talking about phones. Sony phones, Nokia phones, announced ones and those merely rumored, we don't really discriminate here. This week is only just getting started, but we've already interviewed Marty Cooper, written a biography for RIM's existence up to this point, and seen LG and ZTE preempt themselves with a bunch of announcements ahead of MWC 2012. Be here at 4.30PM ET sharp to hear the full breakdown of all these topics and more!