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Danish ISP 3 forced to block access to Grooveshark

Danish ISP 3 forced to block access to Grooveshark


RettighedsAlliancen, a Danish group of music rights holders, has won an injunction to force mobile ISP 3 to block access to the service.

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More bad news for Grooveshark today: a court in Denmark has ruled that both the streaming music service and its users are infringing the copyright of record labels, resulting in an injunction forcing mobile ISP 3 Denmark to block the site. The lawsuit mirrors the allegations of copyright infringement the service is facing in the US, with Universal, EMI, Sony, and Warner alleging that Grooveshark hosts illegal copies of music and is unresponsive to takedown notices. The scale of the Danish case is broader: the RettighedsAlliancen group which won the injunction represents 30 rights holders in all.

RettighedsAlliancen hopes that the injunction will lead to other ISPs blocking Grooveshark as well. The group sees this alternative method of closing off the site as its only option, calling Grooveshark "completely uncooperative" and saying that its "business model is based on trickery and fraud." For its part, 3 argued that since not all content offered by Grooveshark is offered without permission, the injunction could set a dangerous precedent for filtering legitimate sites.