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PS Vita store live in Europe with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Foursquare apps

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The PlayStation Store for PS Vita has gone live in Europe, with a host of social apps including Facebook and Foursquare alongside the launch games.

vita social apps
vita social apps

If you got your hands on your PlayStation Vita early via the First Edition bundle, you may have noticed something missing — the various social applications that Sony has been touting as a selling point of the 3G model in particular. Well, with the official worldwide rollout of the system today (February 22nd), you can find Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and Flickr apps in the newly live EU store, and we'd expect to find the same in the US any moment now. The US store should also play host to a Netflix app, though despite the recent launch of the service in Britain and Ireland we couldn't find it in the UK store. The full list of software available for the European launch has been posted at the official PlayStation Blog, and unlike in the US and Japan there doesn't appear to be across-the-board discounting on the digital versions — prices appear to be much the same as listed on Amazon, at least, though you'll save a pound or two on a few titles such as Ridge Racer and Lumines: Electronic Symphony.