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Microsoft says truth about Office on iPad will be clear 'in the coming weeks'

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After much back-and-forth, Microsoft tweeted that the confusion over Office on iPad will be cleared up "in the coming weeks."

Microsoft Office iPad PS logo
Microsoft Office iPad PS logo

There's been a lot of back-and-forth today about a screenshot of what appears to be Microsoft Office running on an iPad, but it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to settle the issue once and for all. After The Daily posted the image, Microsoft said simply that whatever the image is, "it's not Microsoft software." According to a tweet from the company's Corporate Communications account, we might be seeing Microsoft software soon, though. Or maybe we won't, which would itself be a serviceable refutation of The Daily's reported timeline.

We're not sure exactly what Microsoft is referring to, but it looks like we'll find out soon enough what the company's actual plans are for iOS.