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Screens VNC 2.0 for iOS adds iCloud syncing and AirPlay mirroring

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Edovia's Screens VNC 2.0 adds iCloud syncing of desktops and AirPlay mirroring to the virtualization client.

screens vnc 2.0
screens vnc 2.0

The market for desktop virtualization apps in the App Store is pretty crowded, but if you're in need of a smartly-designed VNC client to connect to your Mac, PC, or Linux machine, Edovia's Screens VNC 2.0 is definitely worth a look. On top of a major UI overhaul, the update adds iCloud syncing, so that once you have your screens (i.e., desktops) configured, they'll automatically show up on your other iOS devices. For example, if we set up Screens 2.0 on our iPad to connect to our office Mac, the Mac's desktop will also show up on our iPhone, bypassing the initial setup process.

The other big addition in Screens 2.0 is AirPlay display mirroring. You'll be able to beam what you're seeing on your device to an Apple TV-connected HDTV, which could be handy for the business crowd. Those looking for a more bare-bones solution might want to take a look at the free Logmein or HTML5-based Meshcentral, but for those who want a more Mac-like experience with across-device syncing and AirPlay, Screens VNC 2.0 looks like a great choice. The universal app is $19.99 in the App Store.

Video credit: iMore