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Flickr's image-dense redesign coming at the end of February

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Flickr is launching a major site redesign, reports Betabeat. A revamped photo view will begin rolling out February 28th, with more changes to come.

flickr redesign 640
flickr redesign 640

Flickr is getting a major revamp beginning at the end of the month, says senior product manager Markus Spiering in an interview with Betabeat. The redesign will affect pretty much every part of the site — the main photo view will lose all the white space, with everything in the photo grid neatly aligned together not unlike Pinterest, while the upload screen will be changed to be more app-like.

According to social media site Media Culpa, Flickr is still by far the biggest dedicated photo sharing site on the web with over 6.7 billion photos, although newer sites like 500px and Instagram are making a lot of headway. The site reports Instagram is now actually growing faster than Flickr, with between 4.5 and 5.2 million photos a day, compared to Flickr’s 4.2 to 4.5 million. This is the first significant update we've seen from Flickr in a while (their attempt at Twitter integration leaves a lot to be desired), and as nice as it looks to be, the fact that this is just being released now means it will be an uphill battle for the site to win back its core market of photo enthusiasts now that many have moved on to newer services.