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B&N stores will repartition Nook Tablets for more user space starting March 12th

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Barnes & Noble is allowing Nook Tablet owners to have their original 16GB Tablets repartitioned for more sideloaded app and file storage, beginning March 12th.

nook tablet 640
nook tablet 640

Back when we reviewed the Nook Tablet in November, one of our major gripes was the small size of the partition for our own content. Unlike the new 8GB model, which gives users a reasonable 5GB for their own apps and files, the original Nook Tablet set aside 12GB of the 16GB on board for B&N content, while 3GB were taken up by the OS, meaning we could only put 1GB of our own files on the device. Well, starting March 12th, the company will increase the size of your sideloaded file partition if you bring your Nook Tablet in to a Barnes & Noble store. We liked the Nook Tablet, and it’s good to see Barnes and Noble fixing its mistake, but it’ll be funny to see the lines of people at the cash register waiting to have their ROMs flashed.