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Tablets coming to taxis, if Square gets its way

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Mobile card payment company Square has made a proposal to outfit New York City taxis with tablet computers, for processing transactions and offering content.

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We're not sure anyone likes the TV screens that have popped up in the back of cabs over the past few years, but how would you feel about tablets? Square, the mobile payment company, has drafted a proposal to outfit taxis across New York City with "iPads or other tablets," according to the New York Times. Why would Square want to do this? The tablets would be outfitted with the company's card-swiping technology, letting users and drivers bypass the standard credit card transaction fee when they pay for their ride. Square charges 2.75 percent for each transaction it handles, but claims that on average it works out cheaper than traditional credit card companies. Of course, most customers won't think twice about the ins and outs of card payments, with other solutions such as Google Wallet starting to gain ground — they're far more likely to notice the mooted differentiators for Square, such as taxi-themed games or Foursquare integration. The Times reports that Square is likely to make its formal presentation to the Taxi and Limousine Commission on March 1st.