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NEC's new trio of Android 4.0 LTE phones includes an inside-out Tablet P

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Images and specs of three of NEC's upcoming handsets were posted on Japanese tech site Gadget Tsushin. While one has a folding design, all three feature Android 4.0 and LTE.

nec lte android 4.0
nec lte android 4.0

NEC is showing off a trio of new Android 4.0 LTE handsets in Japan today before it brings them to Barcelona next week for MWC. From left to right, the first is the folding dual-screen "Best Cloud Device," which promises to be easier than anything else for accessing cloud services. Unlike Sony's Tablet P, the screens are on the outside when folded, allowing you to use the tablet as a smartphone, and can be unfolded to provide a larger screen for web browsing, etc. The device is also said to have an extra large battery to power the two screens. The second new device is the "Large Screen in One Hand" model. It has a large, high resolution display, with a thin "Ultra Narrow Edge Structure" bezel. Lastly, NEC also showed off its "The Most Stylish" device, which features a fast-activating camera, water resistance and expandable functionality with the addition of a special jacket, though what kind of functionality that might be is a mystery.