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Things Cloud beta now open to everyone

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Cultured Code has opened up the beta of its cloud service to all Things users, allowing the desktop app to sync with the iOS version.

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Popular to-do software Things has opened up the beta of its cloud service to everyone. Named simply "Things Cloud," the service ties into the Things Mac and iOS applications to synchronize your tasks to all of your devices, wherever you are. It's been a while coming — the original closed beta was opened up in July last year — but now anyone with the apps can try it for themselves. The premise is simple: the software allows you to add and prioritize your tasks, while all the time uploading them to Things' servers. We gave it a try: the UI is clean and responsive, and we found that setting up a cloud account is easy.

Developer Cultured Code says that the next milestone is to allow users to import existing databases of tasks, as at the moment they're limited to using a database specifically for the cloud. The Mac version offers a 15-day trial, and will run you $49.99 after that, while the iOS app is $9.99. To us that seems very steep over alternatives like Wunderlist, which works across a wider range of devices and is totally free.