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Apple extends Mac App Store sandbox deadline to June 1st

Apple extends Mac App Store sandbox deadline to June 1st


Apple has announced it will push back a deadline for a new sandboxing Mac App Store requirement to June 1st, following concerns from developers.

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Apple announced this week that it has pushed back a deadline for Mac App Store apps to implement a new sandboxing requirement until June 1st. The new deadline gives app developers additional time to prepare their applications for the new guidelines and follows concerns that the restrictions could force developers to remove features from OS X apps. Apple's new rules put tighter controls on the permissions that programs from the Mac App Store can use to access the entire operating system.

The new controls curtail some functionality by limiting apps to a single isolated file system to better secure applications on OS X. Apple originally planned to make the requirements mandatory back in November but delayed the deadline to March 1st following concerns from developers. Apple says the new June 1st date will give developers enough time to "take advantage of new sandboxing entitlements available in OS X 10.7.3."