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Da Chip releases second album of Daft Punk chiptune covers, streams it free online

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The chiptune collective Da Chip has released its second volume of Daft Punk covers.

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Creative collective Da Chip has released volume two of its chiptune compilation of Daft Punk covers, which includes a mixture of classic tracks like Da Funk and more modern work from the Tron soundtrack. The attention to detail here is staggering, with each track built up from note-perfect 8-bit reproductions of the original tunes. For us the high points here are Digital Love, Da Funk, and Harder Better Faster Cheaper, though the ambition of the project spans to some of the duo's rarer material, too. Digital Love is particularly impressive, including 8-bit vocoded vocals and almost as much depth of sound as the original. If you want to take it with you, the full album is available to download from Da Chip's site. Now, all we need is someone to make sprite-based videos to go along with them.