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The Beatles' ringtones now available exclusively on iTunes

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The Beatles' ringtones are now available to download on Apple's iTunes store.

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The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles music might already be on iTunes but Apple Corps (not Apple) has announced today that the band's chart-toppers are now available as ringtones. 27 US and UK number-one hits, including classics like Yesterday and Hey Jude, are available to download at $1.29 per tone, or $12.99 for all 27.

It may have been a Long and Winding Road, but Apple and The Beatles are clearly enjoying a new found success on iTunes. The initial music release in late 2010 was met with downloads of 5 million Beatles songs and 1 million albums by January 2011, proving that despite the legal wrangling between the pair — The Beatles music is still as popular as ever.