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The Beatles' ringtones now available exclusively on iTunes

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The Beatles' ringtones are now available to download on Apple's iTunes store.

The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles music might already be on iTunes but Apple Corps (not Apple) has announced today that the band's chart-toppers are now available as ringtones. 27 US and UK number-one hits, including classics like Yesterday and Hey Jude, are available to download at $1.29 per tone, or $12.99 for all 27.

It may have been a Long and Winding Road, but Apple and The Beatles are clearly enjoying a new found success on iTunes. The initial music release in late 2010 was met with downloads of 5 million Beatles songs and 1 million albums by January 2011, proving that despite the legal wrangling between the pair — The Beatles music is still as popular as ever.