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New Windows Store screenshots show Bing Maps app for Windows 8

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Microsoft is preparing to release a Bing Maps Metro style application for Windows 8.

Windows Store Bing Maps
Windows Store Bing Maps

Microsoft is still putting the finishing touches on its Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 but freshly leaked images show that the company will offer Bing Maps in the new Windows Store. We brought you news of the preinstalled apps for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, but Chinese site PCBeta has posted some screenshots of the applications available in the Windows Store. Games like Flow, Hive Mind, PuzzleTouch, Cut The Rope, and Train Titans are all visible but the biggest addition is Bing Maps.

Bing Maps will be available as an option for Windows 8 developers to integrate into their applications, but, understandably, Microsoft is also preparing its own Metro style version for consumers. We have seen a Bing Windows 8 web app previously, so this application could be a natural progression of Microsoft's work for its touch-focused operating system. Other worthy mentions from the screenshots include the presence of a dedicated camera application and the bundling of Mail, Calendar, People, and other communications apps into a single download. We don't know what all these applications look like right now, but we'll find out in just a week's time when Microsoft holds a special Windows 8 Consumer Preview event at MWC 2012.